No device setup.

No device maintenance.

No hassle.

Monidas is a all-in-one HaaS and SaaS solution for all of your monitoring needs.

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HaaS - Deploy faster

Monidas DataDOT ONE

Pick a device which best fit your use case. We build/design the device from the ground up. So any component and feature can be customized to your particular use case. We ensure quality of material and therefore quality of service.


We maintain your devices onsite ensuring that they are up and running thus saving you money on a technician to manage the devices.


We use the best materials possible to ensure the devices can last a lifetime. Since we choose each and every component ourselves, we can guarantee longer lifespan and short maintenance periods.


We build the devices from the ground up from individual components to firmware. We can add a variety of add-ons for a variety of use-cases and environments.

SaaS - Respond faster

Monidas Platform

We have built our platform using the modern databases and components to ensure full control of the stack from data storage to data visualization. We maintain our own infrastructure which gives us the ability to integrate new devices and data streams without much trouble.

Alarm/Device Monitoring & Management

View device data and alarms all in one easy to use platform. Modify alarms and keep track of multiple alarm states. Finally, specify the level of users for each separate project on Monidas, with straightforward user management.

Flexible Infrastructure

As we are responsible for the entire infrastructure from device integration to data visualization, we can adapt our stack to your needs. We can integrate other devices and communicate with other applications if you wish to visualize data using other tools.

Long-term Data Archiving

Store data for long periods with the ability to quickly review the history of events.

HaaS and SaaS as one service

We provide the initial setup of the devices for you and manage them on our platform so you do not have to. We simplify the complexity of IoT systems with our all-in-one solution. We are responsible for the devices and the software so that you can get the answers to your current problems without worry.

Standard Subscription

We provide prebuilt devices with our cloud platform. The price for our service is based on several factors such as the number of users, the number of devices, and the amount of data you want to store.

What’s included

  • On-site evaluation and installation
  • Maintenance and support
  • Monitoring and alerts
  • Data storage and analytics

Monthly/Yearly Rates

Contact us

Do not hesitate to reach out to us for an exact quote if you want to have a more custom solution which may not be reflected in our current offerings.

Potential use cases

A manufacturing site needs to secure and easy way to monitor temperature. We provide an isolated device network to get your data without worrying about device integration and data collection. There is just one step: setting up an appointment with us.